About Us

My name is Sarah and I am an American artist/Montessori teacher living and working in Norway. I am married to a Montessori preschool teacher.  Two of my children attend Montessori preschool, and I am at home with our latest addition.  My husband and I are also involved in training new Montessori teachers.  In a nutshell, we eat, sleep and breathe a lot of Montessori and our hobbies are tend to be some derivation of making materials for our classrooms.

Making material for your classroom requires time, dedication, not a little artistic skill, and a whole lot of patience.  Finding good materials is always a challenge.  Not anymore!

The materials I sell here are personal creations based on the principles of Montessori pedagogy.  I use them in my own classroom.  I hope that this will make your job as a Montessori teacher easier.  Enjoy!


Contact us by e-mail: post.montessorimaterials@gmail.com