For those of you who follow along with my personal (and some professional) posts, you already know that we're home, along with almost everyone else here in Norway, due to COVID-19. My husband and I are both Montessori educators, of both children and adults, add to this our four young children, and our hands are full!  However, we are now facing an interesting challenge. And I mean challenge - this is putting our skills (and patience) to the test. So, we've decided to turn this all into a great opportunity to work together with our kids, try out our materials and some fun ways of presenting and learning with them, and just enjoy doing it. 

We are nearly through week 2 of our home schooling and we have so much to share, that we have decided to resurrect this blog so we can share everything with you!

Every day we will post what we are doing with our children, show you some films, pictures and other tips.  We'll be using materials that we have out here, adding new ones as fast as we can, of course. But keep an eye out - there will be discounts and freebies popping up everywhere!!

Stay safe, stay home, and see you back here again soon!

Sarah and Halvor